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aerospace sector

with more than 30 years’ experience in the field, the companies, businessmen and consultants that form metis have had the opportunity to participate in various projects related to the manufacturing, launch and operation in orbit of commercial and government satellites.

the available capacities in this field are primarily:
• assesment in previous processes of selection of satellite manufacturers and launching companies.
• aid in the determination of purchasing terms and the selection of providers including legal and contractual areas
• risk administration in all the stages of the process, including recommendation and/or selection of reinsurance underwriters, reinsurance brokers and insurance companies for the underwriting and/or transfer of risks
• the following of the process through its different stages with specialists and experts in each area.
• financial evaluations and the negotiations of financing with commercial banks and governmental credit agencies.
• the training of users in the management of insurance coverage.

the independence that metis has in this matter guarantees the best selection of providers, financiers, suppliers and insurance companies available on the market.
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