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Microinsurance - Multidistribution

The concept of insurance on a prepaid model developped by Metis’ founders implies not only regular coverage but also basic coverage management and very accesible microinsurance.

At Metis, we understand the concept of microinsurance as a possibility of aquiring the coverage you want, when you want it and at a price level that the client can pay.

It is not about small, cheap insurance but about the possibility of having the ideal coverage with greater ease.

By facilitating the access to insurance products via the purchasing in non convencional locations and, using simple mechanism available where the client’s need it, we allow for a larger and better served number of consumers.

For us, multidistribution implies making products available to possible clients in any type of establishment or time.

Pre-paid multidistribution models used by Metis are by their very nature, a better way to access non-conventional clients.
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